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We offer digital services, importation, dropshipping and high quality essential products
We offer digital services, importation, dropshipping and high quality essential products

Masterclass Program

Original price ₱93,000.00
Current price ₱50,000.00

November batch was sold out in less than 48 hours.....
And even before I posted this poster, 10 have already reserved their slot for our special 𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐒𝐒 for December...

One special ZOOM session is an interview on one of my student who is seeking help on how to survive this year, as he confessed that before covid, his ecommerce stores were doing fine until the pandemic hits. His staff number is down to 10 from a healthy number of 20+ before and he is thinking of filing for bankruptcy this year.

Here you will learn not only how to make ads and split test but what to do when this happens to you, we will try to save his business by going back to the basic and carefully brainstorming what have happened and how it went that yes, see you on our ZOOM session..

What courses are inside this Masterclass?

Shopify Basic Course Php 15,888
Shopify Advance Course Php 25,000
Budget E-Commerce Course Php 4,995
Affilliate Course Php 4,995
Sms Short Couruse Php 1,500
Goketo Membership Discount Lifetime Php 9,950
Lastride Membership Discount Lifetime Php 15,888
Goketo, Lastride and Course Affiliate Accout Php 15,000+

Total : Php 93,216
Yes, the bonus itself is worth 93K if you will buy it separately. So VALUE wise, this is the best thing you can do before this year ends.


More info about the masterclass..

From the word MASTER, the goal of this class is to create an E-Com master that can sustainably create even a 1 product store or a small startup brand that can be profitable whole year long. As you may have know, most Ecompreneurs are currently stuck on a loop, the loops goes "finding a winner", "Milking the winner" and finding another one again until everyone copies the item, creatives and everything until the item dies down.

The problem with winners is, it does not stay a winner whole year long, yes it can still be profitable but nothing beats a slow steady PRODUCT that satisfies your customers to create a long term passive income.

A) The masterclass is dynamic, if you are a real state, insurance, car agent etc, you probably do boost post, gets tired of inquiries that almost all just never avails the product or services of your company.

I will personally draw on a whiteboard or at least on my IPAD how you can crush the market if you are selling insurance, real state, car and what not. I will reveal the full FUNNEL for you so you can wake up and almost 100% guarantee that your rank or sales will explode like you never imagined. For this we will be using Shopify, Pixel, Retargeting, Chatbot, Email marketing and more insiders strategy.

😎 If you own a brand and needs a sales boost, awareness and a stronger presence. This MASTERCLASS is for you. We will pinpoint every mistake you are experiencing and I will be explaining as well what works and what not, I myself have tried to create several mini brands and my experience will enlighten you why things just works and why it doesn't.

C) If you are a regular Ecompreneur that is tired or finding winners that ends up on everyone's store in a few weeks, then the masterclass is for you, we will plan all together what product to white label, where to find them, how to structure your campaign whole year long.

D) If you are an absolute beginner, this is definitely for you, with my 10 years of experience making websites and 8 years in Facebook ads, I will show you simple steps that you should take to properly guard your money from guess works on Facebook ads. We will re structure your front end, back end and everything needed to run your first profitable business.

E) If you own a traditional business that needs the BOOST and to crush your niche and competitors.

The MASTERCLASS is limited to 20 PEOPLE ONLY!
We will do 3-4x ZOOM Session at 7pm or 9pm weekly to answer your most difficult questions regarding e-commerce or business. Aren't you tired roaming around groups posting your question and not receiving the rational answer you need?

We will also discuss some GRAYHAT methods such as securing your PIXEL so that it never gets BANNED. In this way, even if your ad account or business manager gets disabled, your DATA is secured and safe. And more methods that you won't find in YouTube.

We will also discuss the BACKEND, this means how to hire, what to hire, their role, taxes and everything you need to run a legitimate business. I will also share you my costly mistakes during my early years so you can avoid losing money the way I did, I have lost so much money that you can definitely saved money just by hearing incorrect impulsive decisions.


When will the December MASTERCLASS Start?
First Session will be on December 1, but our VIBER group is very active as of now.

How many sessions is included?
12 Zoom session is included, you can choose which date you wish to attend, so even if you missed our session, your 12 sessions still remain intact.

You will need a WEBCAM and a MIC.
Please start your store and watch my courses before we start.

Access to manufacturers for your dream brand.

Access to cheaper importation from CHINA.

Dedicated Priority Viber Group chat.
Most up to date Facebook Algorithm Changes.

One of the MAIN GOAL for this Class to create a new level of ecompreneurs that does not rely on cheap, non quality products from CHINA. It is time to re calibrate your business goals so it can be sustained long term.

Watch testimonials from some of my successful students

Ace and Tin Embuscado :
John Edver Montero :
Jeh Javier :
Sarah Villaueva :

To Reserve your slot. 50% Downpayment is accepted.
For the DP, you get to access the advance course or basic course in 24-48 Hours...

Fullpayment will get all access in 24-48 hours.